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View Diary: Texas dad freaks out and shows why it is past time we ban assault-style weapons & ammo (102 comments)

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  •  Robo, so 25% being murdered is not enough to (0+ / 0-)

    warrant changing laws so that the number goes closer to 0%?

    Is that so.

    I think parents who have actually buried their children who had someone's "assault weapon" unloaded on them would think your nonchalance regarding them is pathetic and despicable.

    Lung cancer is the number 1 killer among all cancers, should  we stop looking for a cure for other cancers because not enough people die from them?

    Hey, Robo, I also noticed that you uprated the poster whose post called TS4C an "asshole" did you know it was against DKos policy to uprate a comment that insults someone?

    Read Under:

    Appropriate use of Hide ratings
    Any and all insults are HRable. Although users are never required to uprate any comment, it is considered a violation of site policy to uprate a comment with an insult in it.
    In my opinion if someone calls someone else an asshole just because they disagree with them, then that person who called the other an asshole is acting like a bully, and those who 'cheer' the bully on with upratings are bullies to.

    It seems to be a habit for some to hijack a diary when they disagree with the content.  Apparently some people think calling others "assholes" is one way to hijack a Diary.

    •  Way too many people (0+ / 0-)

      are murdered. The ones who get to die alone are no less 'important' in the scheme of things on this issue than those who get to die along with a dozen others.

      The diarist asserted - strongly and in complete disregard of the easily-confirmed facts - that 100% of mass murders are committed with assault weapons. The truth is that not all mass murders are committed with guns (of any description), and that of those which are committed with firearms, under 25% involve an assault weapon.

      It was my point that in this discussion it would be good to stick to facts rather than toss emotionally-invested falsehoods that just weaken arguments. This falsehood was asserted more than once despite having been previously corrected - and this time it was asserted more forcefully, as if that somehow makes it true. Along with personal insults - NRA talking point, intentional deception, spurious straw men (making up a position out of whole cloth so you can falsely attribute it). A falsehood doesn't become truth just because you call the person who points out the truth a 'liar'.

      Why, repeated assertions of known falsehoods might result in someone thinking of the asserter as an 'asshole'.

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