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View Diary: Firing Swartz Prosecutors (TWO hackers have committed suicide on their watch): Why It's Not Easy (128 comments)

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    Geronimo Ji Jaga's conviction was vacated on June 10, 1997, on the grounds that the prosecution had concealed evidence that might have influenced the jury's verdict. The prosecution had not disclosed the extent to which a key witness against Pratt, Julius Butler, provided information to the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department. An appeals court ruled this fact to be "'favorable' to the defendant, 'suppressed' by a law enforcement agency, and 'material' to the jury's decision to convict" in 1999 and upheld the decision, freeing him.
    Geronimo Ji Jaga eventually received $4.5 million as settlement for false imprisonment. A federal judge approved the settlement of the civil suit: The city of L.A. paid $2.75 million of the settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice paying the $1.75 million remainder
    Prosecutor immunity was going to the supreme court so government settled. A lot of shitting in pants would have happened. Please help keep high profile by signing the petitions linked by Diarist.

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