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View Diary: Executive orders high on White House list of gun measures to be announced before the week is out (162 comments)

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    The policies of the NRA, and their agents, the Republican Party, have nothing to do with Constitutional rights and individual liberties.

    As they have shown time and again, their only goal, their only agenda, is preserving and growing the profits of the firearms industry.  (In the case of the Republicans, any other word can be substituted for "firearms."  Their agenda for the last forty years has been using the government to transfer wealth from the middle class to corporate interests.)

    We know that this has nothing to do with public safety, public health, or personal liberties.  This is not the only industry that has been known to ignore all three in pursuit of profits.

    Frankly, that is neither unexpected nor irresponsible.  Corporations cannot and should not be expected to care for anything but profits.  They are not people, they are legal fictions designed for the making of profits.  When and if they act on behalf of the larger good, they are not fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities.

    That is why the government has a responsibility and obligation to regulate these non-persons to protect us from a world in which the only standard of action is profitability.

    In such a world in which we are not all better off, none of us will be better off.  It's real-world economics.

    In Washington, whenever anyone does something wrong, everyone else gets punished.

    by Noziglia on Tue Jan 15, 2013 at 09:16:07 AM PST

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