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  •  It's time to speak up (9+ / 0-)

    There are at least 3 Whitehouse petitions on climate change that deserve your attention.
    There should be more..
    These petitions all need eveyone on this site to sign them.
    We need 100,000+ signatures prior to the February 17th Climate demonstrations to put weight behing this.
    POTUS must not approve the XL pipeline project.

    2012 was the hottest year ever.....
     You are already seeing the changes  
     - the freakishly warm summers and winters
     - Primroses blooming in Pensylvania in January
     - the ever more violent storms - Sandy flooded NYC
     - Seattle city council discussing urban flooding by 2050
     - the vast dying of pine trees in the Rockies
     - the drought in Texas
     - Australia on fire
    The danger is very real
     - Canada is intent on completion of the XL pipeline to export their dirty oil
     - US coal barrons are intent on sending vast quantities of coal to China to further foul their and our skies

    Climate change is an espress train racing towards us.
      We cannot step off the tracks
      All we can do is slow the train a little and hope the collision is lessened

    We are running out of time to avoid the worst effects of climate change.
     Ocean acidification is real...
     The coral reefs are dying
      Continued release of CO2 will activate irreversible positive feedback loops
      - release of methane from permafrost thaw
      - release of methane trapped in coastal waters as they warm
      Once initiated we will not be able to stop them....
      .....the topical rainforests and their incredible biodiversity will burn
      ........(Look again at the photos from Australia.)
      .....the ice in Greenland and in Antarctica will melt.... ocean waters will rise..
      .....NYC, Florida, Bangladesh, the Netherlands and many more will be flooded
      .... forever

    We need to deploy renewable energy sources as a national emergency priority
    - solar, wind, tidal, geothermal..
     We need to phase out our use of carbon based fuels ASAP
    - Seal the Tar Sands, Keep the coal in the ground

    Already over 10,000 people have signed up to be in Washington on February 17th to demand that President Obama move our country forward and reject the Keystone XL pipeline

    We need 100,000+  petition signatures
    As MacArjthur said "Rally to me"
    Sign these petitions and tell  everyone you know to do it as well

    Sign the petitions to give greater weight to the February 17th demonstration

    We need to do this to give our children a chance at a liveable environment

      Barry Allen

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