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  •  oregondem30, am I confused? (5+ / 0-)

    Are there not 100 diaries in the past 4 weeks saying: NO GUNS AT ALL IN URBAN AND SUBURBAN AREAS?
    If you never leave home, you can possess an old-west style 6 shooter and lever-action rifle for farm and ranch lands "out west" - as long as you can't see or hit a neighbor from your lands.

    Now I read the equivalent of:  

    "If you're in an URBAN war-zone... well, that's different - but, suburbia - like Connecticut, should still be a GUN FREE zone. Total lack of need for a gun, there."
    •  I have never advocated for (1+ / 0-)
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      "NO GUNS AT ALL IN URBAN AND SUBURBAN AREAS" so I really have no clue wtf you are talking about.  I have never opposed hunting rifles or revolvers for anybody, anywhere, whether in the suburbs, the country, or in a city.  

      I was addressing this diary that expressed well the problem of a statewide ban on carrying a firearm in public.  One neighborhood is not like another.  On the one hand, I see 2nd amendment absolutists arguing that we need to stop focusing on mass shootings because they are statistical anomalies, and we should focus on inner city violence, and then on the other I see 2nd amendment absolutists FREAK OUT over the acknowledgement that the violence in our inner cities is extreme and an incredibly huge problem... and very unlike the violence in other parts of the country.

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