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View Diary: Walmart to hire lots of veterans. Unfortunately, it's hiring them to Walmart jobs. (91 comments)

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    ... being a Wal-Mart Greeter in my old age, knowing I cannot afford to retire anytime soon -- heck, maybe not even at 70!

    But as I close in on THREE YEARS of UN-employment (March 22nd 2010), I am not sure how much longer I will be able to hold out.

    My status as a Vietnam Veteran -- along with way too many years of expereince in nonprofit management and direct services, has yet to land me a good job.  Nonprofits simply have not recovered from The Great Recession, and if they have they are hiring 30-somethings apparently.

    I am, thanks to President Obama  and his VRAP Program, one of the few job stimulus bills that got through Congress since his first stimulus, getting GI bill benefits for going back to school for most of the rest of 2013 so a part-time job is not so bad -- and my classes are online so unpredictability is less of an issue!

    But going from $23 plus an hour to minimum wage is deadly for my self-esteem -- And Y'all-Mart, for heaven's sake!!!!!

    Oh lord, let me get a REAL job soon and save me from this gift to veterans!!! LOL!

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