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View Diary: Ask A Millenial: 'Dun worry, itz all gon b k', an occasional series (29 comments)

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  •  Very well said (7+ / 0-)

    It takes considerable discipline to engage in the emotional and high-stakes business of politics and stick to the platform. It is so much easier to speculate about the opposition, call them names, and otherwise coast on one's animus. I know that bottled rage can make me feel so alive!

    But, while it is valuable energy and a daily reminder to participate, that rage best stays bottled - or sublimated, let's say, to constructive debate and policy building.

    I have bloviated more years than you've been alive about the higher path being the effective path, AND about how much harder it is to identify and communicate the virtues of a person or proposal, than it is to find fault.

    Finding fault is as easy as falling pie, given the imperfection in all of us. But identifying and communicating what is good and honorable about a person or proposal is so much more welcome, so much more constructive, so much more a contribution.

    Not to mention, those oviposited bezoars on the right can't even BE positive and constructive! They are so much less than me!

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