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    well, don't bring your assault rifle to my party  :)

    I don't know if you are talking political party or not?

    This issue of guns and gun violence keeps getting politicized as a party issue and it shouldn't be.

    Just like religion seems to be politicized in the same context.

    We need to start looking at societal issues from the standpoint of society rather than politics.

    But I still don't want someone bring an assault weapon to a party at my place.  sorry....

    •  I agree that guns shouldn't (0+ / 0-)

      be a political issue.  If only our congress and the president wouldn't jump and demand that no one be allowed an AR-15 we wouldn't be having this conversation.

      The mere fact that "assault rifles" account for a tiny fraction of gun violence seems to be lost in all the emotional garbage going around.

      Shotguns and bolt action long rifles account for way more gun violence and death when compaired to "assault rifles" but yet some of the leaders in Washington are attempting to use them for a terrible political stunt.

      The day all elected officials back off and start actually working on things that could work will be the day many of us gun owning Americans can breath a sigh of relief.

      If they would only focus on reducing clips sizes to something like 20, demand background checks on all people purchasing a gun, and having much better ways to detect straw purchases, they would find common ground with most Americans.

      You loose many of us when you also insert that you want to take away AR-15's and other modern day sporting rifles.

      •  It may be a small part but (0+ / 0-)

        The AR-15 might play a small part but to the kids in Connecticut it was a significant part.  

        First you need to know the difference between an assault rifle and other weapons.  These aren't hunting rifles unless your target is people.  Many of them are made so that the stock can be broken down and the barrel shortened.  This along with the pistol type grip creates a rifle that doubles as a handgun.  I learned  as a teenager that by removing a spring you can convert a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic one too.  I watched a video once of an actually gun battle between a Judge and irate defendant outside a courthouse.  The exchange was caught on a cam at the courthouse.  The two exchanged gunfire across a car.  The Judge had a handgun and his bullets were stopped by the metal of the car.  The attacker had a high powered semi-automatic rifle and his bullets went right through the metal of the car and wounded the Judge.   One of the things that the NRA and proponents for assault rifles aren't talking about was how the person in Connecticut gained access to the school with a locked entry system.  he used the assault rifle to shot up the locked door breaking the lock and window of the door and then walked straight in.  The combination of the power of the weapon and the large capacity of the magazine gave him advantage over any obstacle placed in his way.  

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