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  •  Ok, how did you do that? (5+ / 0-)

    the mouseover thing?

    •  Ha, ha…actually it's very easy (4+ / 0-)

      Here's the code for ZJX

      Your key item is the ZJX.

      First surround it with a span element, e.g.:


      Then add the descriptive stuff as a "title" attribute remembering to enclose it in quotes:

      <span title="descriptive stuff">ZJX</span>

      The title attribute is very useful in other HTML code, too. For example, you can (and should) include it in an <img> element with a description of the image on mouseover.

      I also always use the same text in a <alt> element, which displays before the image pops up on loading and is also picked up by code readers for the vision impaired.

      I frequently use <title> in anchor elements, too, as it can provide a better descriptor of what the link is supposed to take you to than seeing the URI in the bottom bar of your browser.

      Very helpful technique. I'd actually been employing that long before I discovered CSS and the <span> element.

      (I hope the HTML displayed properly. some systems parse the < and > even if you "disguise" them as HTML entities. Consequently, instead of seeing the code, you see the result. I won't be able to tell if it works—even with "preview"—until after I post the comment, at which point it's too late to fix. Here we go…)

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