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  •  Maryland was horrid (4+ / 0-)

    That's our gerrymander, yes, but it is the most disgusting one of the decade, IMO.  I don't know why we had to draw it like that.  I just drew one on DRA in about twenty minutes that is 7-1 Dem and not nearly as ugly:

     photo maryland_zps89c6a812.png


    Delaney (Green) 55-43 O
    Harris (Light Green) 38-60 M
    Hoyer (Light Pink) 57-42 O
    Edwards (Orange) 76-24 O*
    OPEN (Yellow) 68-31 O*
    Van Hollen (Turquoise) 67-32 O
    Cummings (Gray) 78-21 O*
    Sarbanes/Ruppersberg (Purple) 60-39 O

    Done.  You don't need a global tracking device to find the districts now.  Steny Hoyer will have to get in his yacht and sail across the bay to Salisbury, but he'll live.

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