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View Diary: Republicans STOLE the House! Here's What YOU Can DO to Fight Back! (149 comments)

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    Republicans drew the best map in Pennsylvania.  I think Ohio is more devious.  

    Certainly it flaunted the results to the greatest degree, but PA-08 is predicated on Fitzpatrick, and while he's youngish at 49, drawing a district for a particular incumbent (rather than to favor your party as a whole), is always kind of bad.  In addition, Pennsylvania still has three borderline competitive seats (PA-6, PA-7, PA-15), while Ohio only has two (OH-10, OH-14).  And while the Philly suburban districts headed the wrong way (measured by PVI) in 2012, minorities continue to move into all of them, meaning over the longer run they should become more competitive than the two Ohio seats.  

    I think Virginia will be viewed as the dummymander of the decade though for the Republicans.  It's like they weren't trying with VA-02 and VA-10.  

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