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View Diary: Republicans STOLE the House! Here's What YOU Can DO to Fight Back! (149 comments)

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  •  North Carolina was just awful all around (1+ / 0-)
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    Legislative Democrats took veto power away, fearing a Republican governor in 2008 who would veto a Dem gerrymander.  In a surprise, Gov. Perdue (D) held on in 2008.  Yet the GOP took back the state legislature in 2010 and drew their own gerrymander that Perdue was helpless to oppose.  And this had brutal ramifications for congressional races as well, costing us three instantly, probably a fourth in the next decade, as well as shoring up a 2010 GOP gain that probably would have swung back our way.

    It's going to take an incredible Dem wave to break their gerrymander.  I'm not sure it's even possible until changing demographics 20 years from now makes North Carolina a very different state.

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