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  •  I was in the 2cd grade, so I must have 8 years old (8+ / 0-)

    It was '76, the bicentennial.  The year of the Pet Rock (I got my pet rock on the trip--the only pet my dad ever approved of LOL).  My parents, two of my brothers and I, and a family friend all drove out together in a big van pulling a pop-up and food and gear.  It took almost a month to get to CA and back to MI.  It was a long trip, but so worth it.  I was exposed to a whole new world of culture and geology and history that literally blew me away.  That trip shaped every bit of the adult I have become and fostered a fascination with anthropology and history and wide open spaces (and fear of falling off mountains!) that are a large part of my own personal history, as well as my ancestors.
    You know, after talking to you and reading your story, you have inspired me.
    Soon, very soon, I will get permission from someone integral to my family genealogy/history and share a story here--it's actually pretty interesting.
    Soon--not right away.  Soon :)

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