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View Diary: The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery (294 comments)

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  •  A gun defender could reasonably (1+ / 0-)
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    argue that slavery might well have been made more defensible by that definition of gun rights, but that if slaves could have owned guns they wouldn't have been slaves, and that, therefore, it was "gun control" (restricting weaponry to state militias) that allowed slavery to continue and flourish.

    I suppose I agree with that, although I don't consider any of this really relevant.  

    I tend to think that weapons in the hands of the poor and downtrodden actually may be a good thing.  Right now, it's a popular cause on the right, but it wasn't that long ago historically that the right was in favor of taking weapons away from minorities.  But I'm against all this assault weapons doomsday preppers mega-clip bullshit.  It seems to be part of a temporary cultural paranoia.

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