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View Diary: Perhaps the smartest thing Pat Buchanan has ever written (14 comments)

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  •  This person pretty well nails the Republicans (5+ / 0-)


    The GOP has become the party of the chickenhawks and the Wall Street firsters.

    There is nothing patriotic about sending one’s fellow citizens out to die, especially in wars of no benefit to the country. There is nothing patriotic about out-sourcing the country’s wealth producing capability and allowing our markets to be flooded by shoddy, toxic foreign baubles. (However can any sane person believe that a country with imperial ambitions can continue to fulfill them when it’s voluntarily become a member of the 3rd world?)

    To win the GOP needs again to appeal to America’s middle class, something they appear determined not to do.

    And as for thinking they can remain safe inside their wealthy bubbles, Nicolaeu Ceaucescu, Nicholas II and Louis XVI might have a few words to say against relying on that. Civilization is a thin veneer.

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