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View Diary: The White House Rejects Solutions to the Mess it Made. We Will Pay for it With Austerity (220 comments)

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  •  I meant: they're dead, politically speaking (2+ / 0-)
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    uffdalib, Ian S

    I personally think the coin idea is pretty cool, but you can sense, just looking at the latest House vote on Sandy aid, that the Republican leadership has given up on using the debt ceiling for hostage demands. I think that breaking the Hastert Rule was a clear signal to the GOP crazies to back down or be isolated. Various GOP leaders have hinted in news interviews that they are going to put their effort into the sequester battle instead. Obama is acting the same way, with all of his tough talk about not negotiating. You get the feeling that there is some kind of quid pro quo in the upper levels (by Beltway osmosis, not claiming a CT).

    Think about it: this makes a lot of sense for all parties, except the diehard teabaggers and economic terrorists. The Wallstreet bankers, big corps, and even Koch bros, who buy everyone's lunches in DC aren't happy about the prospect of another shutdown. It's bad for business, and what's bad for them is very bad for your average politician. Also, the Republican leaders have got to be thinking about how badly they were spanked the last time they caused a shutdown and Obama's acting like he might just let them do it.

    OTOH, the sequester negotiations are much better ground politically for Republicans. The biggest challenge for them will be to get enough Repubs on board to vote with a coalition of turncoat Dems to make "reasonable" and "acceptable" cuts to social safety net programs when the time comes (that would be after much political posturing and bluffing, followed by McConnell, Boehner and Obama making a fait-accompli deal behind closed doors). I think it may still not happen: a lot of the GOP would rather shoot themselves in the head than negotiate with Democrats, even if it furthers their goals of damaging the New Deal programs and would do great strategic harm to Democrats leading up to 2014.

    "I don't cry over milk spilled under bridges. I go make lemonade" - Bucky Katt

    by quill on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 11:25:57 AM PST

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