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  •  Uh...No (0+ / 0-)

    236,000 viewers for the entire channel. That was it. The 42,000 figure you mentioned was for Spitzer's show.

    Apparently Current did fine without him. Among those bidding for the Channel was Glenn Beck at 300 Million which Al Gore turned down and the other we all know at 500 Million.

    Had KO learned just a little humility, he really would be in the money. But when a corporation finds cause to terminate they lose all stock options and other equity incentives. He could really had a place at the table.  but no, he got one year , or 10 million, which for most of us would be more than we would earn in a life time. But in the world of High stakes Legal Poker, it's not even good for a opening hand.

    I'll bet that bid could have easily gone to a billion had KO learned to zip it. Then he would have had enough to put skin into a large scale start-up. Now he is having his skin taken by his Lawyers.

    •  personally, I think that the fact that (2+ / 0-)
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      CityLightsLover, Diogenes2008

      Keith was unable to survive long term in the corporate news culture speaks VERY well of him.
      And the fact that his ire was reserved for miscreants, liars, and fools, whatever their partisan labels or station in life.
      You didn't like what he had to say, you didn't have to watch him.  I think it's a crying shame, however, that those who objected when their own ox was gored, gave the powers that be the opportunity to rid themselves of this much admired, brave man.

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