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View Diary: We don't all live in Newtown. But I do. (127 comments)

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    just frustrated in general that it actually took this level of atrocity before anything changed, wasn't blaming anyone in particular.  
    You would have thought that the attempted murder of a fellow congressperson would have caused them to at least consider new measures, but I don't even remember them doing that after the Giffords shooting and the killing of others, including I think one young girl.  I hold the President responsible for the inaction as well.  He claims he was dealing with other crises, but we expect the most from our leaders.  

    •  Now, if it had been a Republican Congresscritter (0+ / 0-)

      shot by a Muslim and/or brown person, that might have been different.  But probably not.  "Tragic loss, but, hey, Freedom!"

      Hey Teaparty! 4 more years of MuslimKenyanSocialism!

      by filby on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 12:16:59 PM PST

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