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View Diary: Today's (mostly) crazy Twitter roundup, gun safety edition (140 comments)

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  •  Wish I could think that way! (6+ / 0-)

    Of course I never think of cool snark until well after the opportunity to use it is past. Reading that beauty though did cause me to have this idea:

    The NRA nuts don't want women to have the freedom to control their own bodies, but do want the freedom to buy any damned weapon anyone wants for themselves, regardless of the consequences to others.

    Yeah, I know his is better than mine. Never could get a good snap with a towel either.

    If your internal map of reality doesn't match external conditions, bad things happen.--Cambias

    by pimutant on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 02:59:57 PM PST

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    •  Deal is, wing nuts don't understand brevity, (1+ / 0-)
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      you have to have wit for that. So they are more likely to get yours - even though they don't understand consequences at all.

      BTW. Did anyone else count heads? I got 26. Including the blond pony tail, which stands out from all the caps and gray heads.

      Yeah, I think there was one female in that group.

      So now we have the RWNJ definition of HUGE.  25 +/-  1.

      Assuming they do count women.

      "People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone. " Audrey Hepburn "A Beautiful Woman"

      by Ginny in CO on Wed Jan 16, 2013 at 07:43:17 PM PST

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