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  •  My greens did great too, (5+ / 0-)

    weather was ridiculously mid-varient and uncooperative. Literally, an inch of rain a day (now, pre-spring, we've gotten 6 inches in the last 3 days). Nights in the 50s-60s, days well into the 70s-80s. Peppers and tomatoes like more sun than we've been getting. We'll see how things go from here.

    •  Play it as it lays (4+ / 0-)

      sort of fits in with what OPOL's saying here. That's really all we can do. It helps when your connected to others who see that we have to work with what we face. My 92 year old neighbor was one of my biggest influences on dealing with change as far as growing went. He was raised on a family owned fruit ranch in Hood River, pre petro chemicals. He passed on his love and perseverance in adapting to what nature throws out and our contributions to nurture the land . He was a mentor who although he didn't know what permaculture was did know that nature itself was under threat, messed up and we all needed to double down and respect nature in order to grow.. a great pruner also who taught me his tricks or should I say his art.    

    •  Greens bolted in April (4+ / 0-)

      Insane to have that happen in Vermont, but the heat wave hit just at the right time. And of course, the trees blossomed at the same time, so the apples were devastated when the frost hit. We don't have any other fruit trees, yet, though we have orchard plans.

      The hazelnuts were insanely bountiful, but a moose ate them all before they were ripe, so we got none. I guess he/she was mad we didn't try to grow corn again this year. The raspberries were iffy, but the wild strawberries blanketed the ground like we've never seen before - and they were super sweet and flavorful.

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