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View Diary: Democrat Jim Cooper's vote against Sandy relief shows, once again, why he needs to be primaried (191 comments)

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  •  People didn't think about it because (15+ / 0-)

    there were no crusaders running around trying to block aid to the state or the city claiming that helping to restore the city would need to be paid for in advance.

    Disaster relief is always in investment and for the most part the investments pay off.  

    Cooper ought to be careful because I'd bet good money that the return on investment in disaster relief to the Tri-State area is going to be higher than that which we will see from Nashville.  If Cooper really wants to go there, we can, but that's the problem for all of these Southern states that are taking more out of the collective pie than they give back whilst trying to deny the big contributors aid they absolutely deserve when they need it.

    •  I don't think that deserving is going to be an (0+ / 0-)

      effective argument against heartlessness.
      The Republicans and apparently the Blue Dogs but, probably the big banks and financial industry don't consider climate change refugee bailout in line with austerity.
      They have made the calculated decision that climate change refugees will be left on their own.  This applies especially to ordinary people.
      That said, I think that relocation funds should be allocated for people to move away from the water.

      •  You don't think? (0+ / 0-)

        I believe we all know that they aren't going to help anyone and you're over thinking it if you believe that they're making any calculations about climate change or anything else.

        These people are irrational two year olds and their vocabulary is reflective of that level of evolution - their favorite and only word is "NO".

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