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View Diary: Colorado pastor: Society should treat gays like cannibals, child molesters, rapists, and murderers (57 comments)

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    ...well probably I didn't.

    Back in the early 1980's, when I lived in DC and when LGBT choruses were first getting going, the DC Gay Men's Chorus did a performance (among their first) as part of a service at MCC in downtown DC. Getting over my mild discomfort at attending church services (whatever would my nice Jewish mother think???), I agreed to go along with some friends, for the express purpose of seeing the Chorus in action; after all I knew quite a few of the founding members.

    Though the theology of the service itself was not particularly my cup of tea, the choral accompaniment was quite nice and all went well until communion was given. A couple of my friends were highly perplexed by my absolute refusal to participate.

    My explanation at the time: Either I don't believe in the symbolism, in which case I am a hypocrite, or I DO believe in it, in which case I am a cannibal...and am also incidentally violating an aspect of Kashrut that even I, lover of treif and fan of mixing dairy and meat though I might otherwise be, have no interest in disobeying.

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      Something-mumble years ago I took a college course on Classical Mythology.  Our professor at one point told us about the Mithraic religions, characterized by a central ritual in which a beast (frequently a bull; occasionally a human) was said to become an avatar of the god.  The avatar was torn to pieces, and its flesh and blood were consumed by the celebrants as a sacrament.

      She then went on to say that there is one religion in America today that has a strongly Mithraic tradition of its own, and asked if anybody could name it.

      And Iiiii sat on my hands, because I thought it would be bad form for one of the three Jewish students in the classroom to be the one to say "Catholicism."

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