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  •  There is another story to tell here (8+ / 0-)

    one about Massie as a dedicated local politician - at least for a short time.

    Taking over the Judge Executive position in his home county (Lewis) - which position had been variously run badly, ineptly or criminally (literally) badly before he decided to run for that relatively lowly position.

    And he did quite well, garnered some plaudits from the locals. Well earned too. From what I gather.

    Some of those locals then became dismayed when, half way through his term, he got the whole Tea Party fever big time. Which presaged his decision to seek elevated office.

    Resigning then from Judge Executive he left that office open to the same list of candidates previously deemed ill-qualified by many of the residents that had elected him.

    Off to campaign for Congress he went - and now he is in office.

    And folks simply cannot (nor should) believe that he believes what he says, the positions he takes.

    They think (or hope?) that it is in act. Self-serving, for sure, but an act, they hope. For if not an act this previously earnest and well-intentioned young man has lost his bearings. Or worse.

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