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    Unfortunately, it's almost all based on unmitigated, sophist bullshit.

    Let's start with your insipid claim that the Democrats are on the "right side of every single relevant issue."

    Really? So greenlighting hydrofracking, perhaps the most insane and stupid idea humans have ever conceived, is right? Or is it not relevant?

    And cutting entitlements? That's not relevant to you?

    And extending the Patriot Act, voting to eliminate habeas corpus, expanding the unconstitutional and illegal surveillance of Americans' private communications? Are they not relevant?

    I draw a big distinction between the Democratic base, and the "leaders" of our party. The base is right on most of the issues, except for a few.

    But the Democratic leadership is corrupt and stupid. They stand with us on a few signature issues, mostly on issues of identity politics that don't cost their Wall Street masters any money, and screw us on the rest.

    So yeah, Yay Democrats! The president just did some stuff that will most certainly only increase gun sales, as is always the case when gun owners feel threatened, and will do absolutely nothing to decrease gun violence, which is far mor about the breakdown of American society then it is about guns anyway.

    Meanwhile, the Democratic leadership is still serving our enemies on Wall Street, sneaking through a massive corporate trade agreement that will further devastate the working class, letting Monsanto set agriculture policy, letting the Oil and Gas sector, as well as the nuclear industry, set environmental policy, letting criminals on Wall Street write our financial regulations while secretly funneling trillions to cover their bad bets, and all the while doing jack shit to rescue the real economy of people who, you know, actually work for a living.

    I know, I know. Waaaa! This woman didn't get her pony.

    This is Edith. She has to work at McDonald's because she can't survive on Social Security alone. She's 82.

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