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  •  Take it up with American Heritage Dictionary. (0+ / 0-)

    Apparently you also have to take up the meaning of the word 'or' in "A right OR immunity to engage in certain actions without control or interference"

    Of course, as you have finally admitted, it does fit the definition of the word liberty.

    Good luck continuing on your crusade against the ACTUAL MEANINGS of words.
    Hats off to you.

    Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.

    by FrankRose on Fri Jan 18, 2013 at 09:42:10 PM PST

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    •  i have no problem with the dictionary (0+ / 0-)

      I have a problem with your application of the dictionary to your claim that a weapons ban takes away liberties of Americans.

      You have to demonstrate that owning a weapon with a thirty round capacity is a liberty of Americans.  You can' t do that from the dictionary. If it's not a liberty of Americans, then regulating it is not an infringement of a liberty of Americans.

      You can't argue this stuff from the definitions of words.  Not all liberties are unconditional by the Constitution.  You have to make a legal argument that this particular one is, which you have avoided doing.  I have argued here that by your logic, any law saying you must or must not do something is an infringement of liberty.

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