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  •  Proud of Obama this morning (5+ / 0-)
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    exlrrp, eeff, JaxDem, Aunt Pat, angelajean

    Like many in this community, my chief disappointment in an otherwise brilliant President has been his Don Quixote-like tendency to believe that if he just played nice the GOP would compromise. Like Lucy's football, he encountered reality many times too many...

    So he totally takes on the gun lobby. And ya know what? Seems like they don't have a weapon in their arsenal! Their spokespersons on television have been batshit crazy. Any PR firm would have told them to agree to some reasonable parts of the proposal to give themselves some cred on the others, but they don't! They yell impeachment, nullification and threaten (in not so subtle terms) violence.

    Now if Dems can just get it together; put the message in short, bumper-sticker language and TALK to the guy at the 7/11...

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