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  •  We need better public training on USPS services (2+ / 0-)
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    Words In Action, Lujane

    As much as railing on the Postal Service is a traditionally Republican thing to do, the USPS really can do much better at educating, organizing, and training the general public on the services they have.

    As much as I love living in NYC, about the only thing I liked about living in suburban NJ was the local USPS branch experience. Less population density means for better service.

    With respect to training, they need to do a much better job with the user experience, graphic design, and organization of all the service options.

    This is a personal anecdote, but last Saturday I had to ship something to Canada, but I filled out the wrong customs form because both of them were in the same plastic container thing. Of course, I found I had used the wrong one after I waited in line to drop off my package.

    Better outreach and training would do much in the ways of not only reducing costs (less forms wasted because of customer mistakes, less time explaining nuances vs more time to process more customers), but also increasing customer satisfaction.

    If I had unlimited money, I'd ship every non-letter UPS because I've used their services a bunch of times and they've proven they can deliver (no pun intended).

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