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View Diary: Must-see: Jon Stewart exposes how the NRA & GOP PREVENT the ATF from enforcing current gun laws (50 comments)

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  •  What was it attached to? The last budget (4+ / 0-)

    bill Congress has passed?

    **Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does** h/t Clytemnestra/Victoria Jackson

    by glorificus on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 06:07:48 AM PST

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    •  It's probably something they put in the healthcare (4+ / 0-)

      bill to attract all those Republican votes...

      Filibuster reform now. No more Gentleman's agreements.

      by bear83 on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 06:08:56 AM PST

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    •  Funding bills apparently (8+ / 0-)
      The Tiahrt Amendments, named for their original sponsor, U.S. Representative Todd Tiahrt (R-KS), are provisions attached to federal spending bills that make it harder for law enforcement officers to aggressively pursue criminals who buy and sell illegal guns.
      Looks like there have been some improving tweaks, but not enough.
      In 2009, mayors and police chiefs successfully pushed revisions to the Tiahrt language in the FY 2010 appropriations bill, which restored full access to crime gun trace data for state and local law enforcement.
      Key FY 2010 Improvements to the Tiahrt Amendments

      Full Police Access to Crime Gun Trace Data:

      Key FY 2008 Improvements to the Tiahrt Amendments

      Freedom to Share Data Between Agencies:
      Authorization to Release Limited Public Reports

      NICS background check records are still destroyed within 24 hours:
      ATF still does not have the power to require dealer inventory checks to detect lost and stolen guns:
      State and local authorities are still restricted from using trace data to fully investigate corrupt gun dealers and traffickers:

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      by Catte Nappe on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 10:22:30 AM PST

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