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View Diary: Must-see: Jon Stewart exposes how the NRA & GOP PREVENT the ATF from enforcing current gun laws (50 comments)

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  •  We'd call it "asshole season" and sell tags. (3+ / 0-)
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    MBNYC, SilentBrook, BruinKid

    There'd be a two-part system: First, there would be the process of nominating someone to be designated an official asshole, fair game during asshole season. That would motivate people to consider their actions in everyday life a little more in order to avoid becoming a target during open season.

    The other part would be a lottery for a limited number of asshole tags. Imagine the revenue it would bring in! The money could be earmarked for health care coverage, perhaps focusing on long-term care for people with acquired disability due to firearm injury. Those who won asshole tags would be free to bag any designated asshole as long as it was in season.

    /all bitter, bitter snark

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