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  •  and money spent/time invested locally (11+ / 0-)

    is a much better ROI than even statewide races.  it takes a lot less to reach out to 1,000 than 10,000, etc.

    Please don't dominate the rap, Jack, if you got nothin' new to say - Grateful Dead

    by Cedwyn on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 08:04:31 AM PST

    •  Also easier (3+ / 0-)
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      cherie clark, Shahryar, Cedwyn

      to get the word out literally. People who live in a region or district are much more able to see the results of who and what they voted for and they talk about it. They know what's going on regardless of their political ideological stance. State legislative bodies are a very good place get decent Democratic national representatives and senatorial candidates. Precinct by precinct is how we get decent representation. Moving good local liberal people up the ladder to national office works if they don't turn out to be blue dogs or corporate corrupt hacks.

      Thing is it's hard to find candidates who are not just Democrat's because Republican's are too nutso to win in many places like our new former Republican now Democratic  mayor Charley. . Corruption at every level in the electoral party machine makes it hard to field good candidates. We somehow got Merkley who was always considered a moderate but is a real stand up Democrat.        

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