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  •  Sometimes I forget how small Iceland is. (1+ / 0-)
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    We are only about 5,4 million here in Finland. The Helsinki metro region has roughly the same pop as Tampa Bay, and yet 1/5 Finns live here. Along with most of the immigrants!

    Strange to think that we are huge in comparison.

    I hope you enjoy your above freezing temps. We are getting our first true taste of winter here in Helsinki with -26-30 C on the way.

    That said, it isn't any small wonder more people don't want to move to our respective countries (even though the numbers are increasing dramatically). It is truly cold and dark this far north. While the sun is returning, the length of day doesn't (IMO) make up for the lack of warmth in the summer. If only we could see temps over 20C regularly in the summer it would be a lot better.

    I can't imagine living in Iceland where the prospects of ever seeing 20 C are quite dim!

    •  Meh, 20C's getting a bit warm for me ;) (2+ / 0-)
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      FinchJ, dewtx

      Today was actually lovely, sunny and it felt like spring outside.  Well, not early in the morning, but when I went out later.  

      I'm sure glad we don't get your cold!  Boy, people would freak out if we got weather that cold here in Reykjavík.  Our average January temperature isn't even a degree below freezing.  We do get it pretty windy, though.

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