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View Diary: Republicans really like making unemployed people pee in cups (142 comments)

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  •  What? Someone doesn't get the point at ALL (10+ / 0-)
    ...a particularly draconian move on the governor’s part, especially since in the few states where where drug testing of welfare beneficiaries has been attempted, like Florida, there has been no evidence of reduced drug use.
    What? Reduced drug use? What does reduced drug use have to do with anything? Clearly what they want is reduced welfare use. And since you get rid of both the people who test positive and the people who refuse to go through the degrading procedure (or who give up in the face of one more hurdle in a system already littered with them), this is great for that.

    Hell, I bet Ricky-boy would pay ten times as much as he saved, if only he could get rid of more people.

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