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    I'm 61
    Been a vege since 1970 {someday I'll do an article on if you are a judgmental (GUILTY….eh, eh) vege YOU are the meethead, individual people's bodies rights are THEIRS, as long as EACH is not trying to chain the other too, is way cooler, way more educational, way more natural, way more LOVING to be. People change IF they want to, prejudice, better than thou, judgmental is a major hinderance to people discovering who they want to be} I'm OK with whatever you want to be in balance. Well, there's the jist of the article… :)
    On to the story.
    When I go into a Health Food store now I'm stunned. In the early years a Heath Food store was lotsa vitamins, some bulk in packages, herbs, SOME canned stuff & YOGURT! People looked down at you & argued, YOGURT wasn't a healthy food.
    Here's the point: Here in LA, we are getting to the point where every 50 blocks or so there is a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. The bad is to this day you look at the same nut section of Trader Joe's & hardly an organic in the mix. My hope is that there is some serious; Hey, could you grow us some organic (fill in the blank :)
    You have no idea how amazing it is to read an organic green juice mix as an example, label. If the carrots were organic back then you would be like WOW! Emphasis; I look at the others in the mix, it's stunning to me.
    P.S. The other mind twist warp (sponsored?) is the human body has miraculous abilities to heal & change. What you might be allergic to or don't like the taste of can change. A lot of, for lifetime medications are a scam, ALTHOUGH study to change. (postscript: not a judgmental against all medications rant)
    P.S.S. On topic :) I've eaten Quinoa a few times. I'm so satisfied in my diet, but do add new things (Thai chile peppers are from HEAVEN) from time to time. There ARE SOOOO MANY new things. It's soooo cool. That's the fun thing about loving all people :)
    What a change, What a change, What a change.
    Peasant old timer's farmers kids going to college. WOW!

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