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View Diary: If you like quinoa, asparagus, or free trade, read this. (207 comments)

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    Very informative! I did notice the price increase which may be part of the reason I no longer eat it nearly as often as I did way back when, when I adopted my handle. I had been told that the price was rising due to frost (2008?) but of course prices never go back to where they were after the issues that cause them to go up resolve. I suppose this explains why.

    The other reason that I don't eat it nearly as much as I used to is that I have found other grains that I love just as much and are almost as nutritious, perhaps more in some areas. For example teff has more iron and calcium than quinoa ( And if you bake gluten free you may find that teff is superior to quinoa for that purpose. Another bonus is that it is US grown and easily available (

    I doubt  I will stop eating quinoa because of this. It is a complex issue that  I don't think will be solved by a boycott. But now I have a reason to feel good rather than bad about my rare consumption of quinoa. I may need to change my handle....teffnut?

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