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View Diary: Oops! Republicans Brag About Winning 2012 House Through Miracle of Gerrymandering [ACTION UPDATE] (130 comments)

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    I checked years Democrats held, 2006 & 2008, and then the Republican takeover year of 2010.  Dems took majorities of the House popular vote in 06/08, but Republicans won 'fair' in '10 with a majority of the popular vote - mid-terms bring out far fewer voters.  Wikipedia links for past House of Representatives elections:

    The past two districts I've lived in are extreme victims of Gerrymandering.  My previous one included sections of my city and Charlotte, 90 miles away.  The two cities' interests are not necessarily aligned.  My current district includes many rural areas that do not share the same interests as the rest of the district.  Sadly, I do not know my state house representatives.  That is a long route to change - after the 2020 census!

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