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View Diary: Nate Silver On Federal "Entitlements" and "Insurance Policies"...Oh, My! (50 comments)

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    Many physicians are merely medical businesspersons, not inclined to save the system a dime because the more they spend the more they get paid
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      The more of YOUR (or your insurer's money) they spend, the more of it they receive as payment.  You have the fox guarding the hen-house.  With the best will in the world, you cannot expect an entire class of service providers to ignore their own self-interests and recommend only the most cost-effective services for clients.  Would you expect that of a salesman in ANY other field?  The bias is as natural as it is often completely unconscious.  It is simply impossible to totally ignore one's own interests repeatedly, cumulatively, and universally.  Or well, to the extent it is, those providers will quickly fail as businesses and be replaced by those who do not.

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