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    This is great news.  

    However, regarding this...

    With more mental health professionals in schools, he said, there's a better chance of stopping "someone who becomes a shooter
    I have some concerns.  It's a nice theory, but my practical experience, backed up by other parents that I have spoken to, is that the default position of a school counselor is that all of a child's problems are the fault of the parent, including physiological illnesses such as fibromyalgia and attention deficit order, and some just flat wrong information, such as a counselor telling a parent that her child did not need the medication prescribed by her doctor (when did a "counselor" get a medical degree that trumps a medical doctor's?), and telling me that my child's crying (from the extreme pain of fibromyalgia) was because I held her hand and walked her in to school (confusing comforting and encouraging a child in pain to continue to be productive, with promoting dependence).   When the subject came up among other parents, there was a chorus chiming in, of, "That's exactly what happened to MY family."

    My point being that mental health professionals, as in PSYCHIATRISTS, are an excellent resource for a child who is in need of care.  The typical school counselor, who is likely here in Texas to be of the Creationist Young Earther If-in-doubt-blame-the-parents persuasion, is likely to cause as much harm as good.

    In the case of many of these shooters, they appeared to have actual mental illness, which was unlikely to be resolved through counselling alone, and was in need to medical treatment.   If a counselor could manage to simply refer a child to treatment, that would be great, but many of the counselors try to do their own brand of counselling, instead, which can be ineffective or even cause more damage.  

    On further consideration, perhaps it would be beneficial if we could improve the quality of the counselors in the schools.  We seems to get the dregs.

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