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View Diary: MN-Sen: Al Franken (D), "I Support A Reinstatement Of Assault Weapons Ban" (33 comments)

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  •   Noah Pozner (1+ / 0-)
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    This little 6yr old boy was shot 11 times with an AR-15.  His lower jaw was shot off.  Most of one of his hands was missing.  And this is just the damage we know from this one child because his mother was brave enough to step forward with this discription and the Governor of Connecticut was sympathic to her need for someone in authority to witness her sons injuries.  Someone who might be able to help stop this madness from ever happening again.
     I think you can find another way to kill your coyotes.

    •  I didn't committ those (0+ / 0-)

      horrible crimes show am don't see why you need to punish me for some other crazy persons crime.  There are some solid ways to reduce that sort of situation starting with reduced clip sizes.

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