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View Diary: New Report: Solar could provide 100% of world's energy needs by 2050 using only 1% of world's land (204 comments)

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    JayBat, 207wickedgood
    The orientation (horizontal) is awful, and with the extra weight, you would be lucky to break even.
    Well, the light ones would more than break even. Sure, they're not very efficient, but they are REALLY light. 250 grams for a 10-watt 11% efficient panel in current production. (And that 10 watts is assuming naive placement in direct sunlight... so, as you say, 'horizontal'. And one of them would fit nicely on top of a car if built in... maybe even two, if you used the hood and back as well.)

    However, I admit that, even if this is much better than break-even, it still isn't going to get you very far. (This would charge the Chevy Volt's battery in, uh, let's see... 1600 hours? Of direct sunlight? So, say, 300 days in a good climate?)

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