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View Diary: New Report: Solar could provide 100% of world's energy needs by 2050 using only 1% of world's land (204 comments)

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  •  In 1978, the World Watch Institute did a study... (2+ / 0-)
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    ...showing that the world could be fully powered by solar energy by 2025.

    I quote from the report:

    Meeting five-sixths of the anticipated world energy budget in the year 2025 with solar technologies could involve using more than 70 billion square meters of solar collectors and 7.5 million megawatts of solar cells.   World hydroelectric capacity would be quadrupled, five million wind turbines would be constructed, and about 15 percent of the world's forests would be devoted to raising wood as an "energy crop".   Commitments of this magnitude are certainly possible over a 50 year period, but they are unquestionably ambitious.
    A substantial body of literature has documented the technical feasibility and social desirability of solar sources.   More jobs and less environmental deterioration- would be created per unit of energy than with any other source.  The security of the energy supply would be enhanced.   Individuals, neighborhoods, regions, and nations would become increasingly self reliant.   And this new energy system would be sustainable for as long as the earth remains habitable

    Despite the attractions of a solar powered world, surpringly little thought has been given to the sheer physical requirements of a global solar transition...

    Denis Hayes, Solar Energy Timetable, Worldwatch Paper 19, April 1978, page 5.

    This book can be found in Princeton University's Engineering library in the comedy section.

    Since 1978, hundreds of billions of dollars, hundreds of billions of euros, hundreds of billions of yen, yuan, etc have been contributed to the grand bet on the solar industry.

    This took place over a 34 year period where 2 billion people have never seen or operated a toilet bowl, where  billions of people have no access to health care, where billions of people lack decent housing, clothing and nutrition.

    Some 34 years after this grand bet of the planetary atmosphere took place, 2012 was recorded as the second worst year in world history for increases in dangerous fossil fuel waste in the planetary atmosphere.

    Meanwhile, the potent greenhouse gas, NF3 which has a global warming potential of 17,200 increased in concentration by 800% in just five years, part of the reason being that the solar industry discovered that it, unlike, SF6, with a slightly smaller global warming potential was not regulated.

    How much energy does the grand solar industry produce on this planet after nearly six decades of advertisements  of representing this expensive toxicological nightmare technology - as in this 1954 advertisement as the savior of the human race?

    In 2010 it produced 31.221 billion kwh of electricity.

    How much energy is this?

    It amounts to an average continuous power output of about 3,560 megawatts, the equivalent of 3 or 4 average sized power plants.   The gas plant at Redondo Beach, California, in the surface area of a few blocks easily produces more energy than all of the world's solar plants produced in 2010.

    I have idea.    Let's bet the planet's atmosphere again on this scam, like we just finished doing over the last 60 years, because if an experiment is carried out and it doesn't work, but we really, really, really want it to work, the best approach is not to consider that the experiment is unworkable, we should just do it again.

    The famous quote by Albert Einstein just HAS to be wrong.


    Because we don't like it.   We only hear what we want to hear, which is that if we deprive enough of the world's poor people in order to invest in the yuppie fantasy that solar energy will save us, all will be well.

    Meanwhile, on planet Earth:  Climate change is a serious business.    It's not a joke.

    Chanting won't solve the problem, any more than asking Jesus to put sunglasses on the sun.

    The solar industry not even close to being remotely realistic.    After 50 years of people telling us all that solar energy is the answer, the solar industry can't even run the servers that people use to tell us how great the solar industry is.

    Don't worry though.   Be happy.   Because nothing can be done about it.   We're cooked.   We're done.

    Have a nice day.

    •  You know, it's one of those things that (0+ / 0-)

      * could * be done - like world peace, for example.

      That's also COMPLETELY possible from a technological POV.

      And completely IMPOSSIBLE from pretty much every other angle.

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