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View Diary: Dear Schools, Please Stop Discriminating Based on Pregnancy. Thanks, Title IX (10 comments)

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  •  I took final in hospital (5+ / 0-)

    Happened to me. Emergency surgery the night before my finals. I tried to argue with the docs, but they said "You wanna live?" and their argument won. The other professors were very obliging and gave incompletes, but one actually sent the two-day take-home final by courier to my hospital room the next morning. I had the ambulance that was transferring me to student health center stop by the department two days later so I could turn it in. The department head was horrified to see me and even more  horrified that Professor A had refused to grant an incomplete. Professor A justified it on grounds that I managed to get an A anyway, but the head had words with him and he did not do it again.

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