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View Diary: GOP retreat roundup: Lessons in what not to say (41 comments)

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  •  They will be bypassed once again (12+ / 0-)
    The problem is that all indications suggest leading the nation into an actual default, or even partial government shutdown, would be politically devastating to Republicans. But it's not clear the leadership can convince the more tea-inclined members of their caucus of that.
    The Koch brothers have already signalled that they don't want a default, it would be bad for their money.  So Boehner, once again, will assemble a coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats to get a clean debt limit extension passed, and the Hastert rule will look deader and deader.  It will soon be obvious that there's a governing coalition, and the tea party is not part of it.  If we can also limit the filibuster, Obama has a real chance of getting a few things done, at least if a few moderate Republicans can be found to go along with them.

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