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  •  No offense (18+ / 0-)

    as someone who is going to be offensive always says but... What is Ezra other then the new Broader? The very definition of DC villager mentality. What Boner says is predictable part of the RW show. What does the Democratic part of DC advocate or even support? Nothing other then the same corporate NWO. Both sides here including the Democrat's flunky mouth pieces Judy and Ezra offer anything that resembles democratic common good representation. They are all operating in and for the interests of the 1%, the oligarchical collectivists, the owners of the place, what ever you want to call the by-partisan anti-democratic pragmatic reality were dealing with?

    The Democrat's sucked at being the loyal opposition to the Bushies and now they suck at being Democrat's. Bejeezuz all this bs. about apocalyptic fiscal cliffs of mass deception and 'terrists are gonna kill yer family' so we killed Osama and GM is alive and cranking out earth destroyers. What is this to support?
    I know what the RW maniacs are about their beyond the pale. What does the Democratic party and leadership in DC stand and fight for? Nothing meaningful nothing that as a Democrat I want or support. Yet still you say look at the Right they are so scary and bad. What do we the Democrat's offer instead? Goldman Sach's is so much better then Bain?

    Where's my freaking habeas corpus? I guess I better forget my human and civil rights.  NDAA, FISA and the bogus GWOT are so important for my security. Ignorance is strength and war is peace and eat your peas folks that all your gonna get cause this is as Axelrod said 'the world as we find it.' Enough with this, the Republicans are teh evil and yet the Democrat's can't even change a procedural rule that would slow them down. How about writing about some real pragmatic Democratic fighting for 'we the people'? Cricket's as tis lot has no intention of fighting.

    My rant as I'm sick of this bogus kabuki.          

    •  For example: what kind of War do you fight (11+ / 0-)

      where you let the Enemy have agents who make their money accessible?

      The Drug War!!!

      Untold trillions washed by the Bankers, and not one soul is held responsible. The shareholders get smaller dividends is the punishment.

      That's one example, but you could fill a large book with one-paragraph topics.

      I keep thinking, what to call all this?

      "The DC Reality Gap"
      "Official Cognitive Dissonance"
      "The World Upside Down"

      Some phrase to refer to the massive disconnect between our various elites and real life.

      Markos! Not only are the Gates Not Crashed, they've fallen on us. Actual Representatives are what we urgently need, because we have almost none.

      by Jim P on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 08:48:50 PM PST

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