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  •  After a triple bypass and aortic valve replacement (11+ / 0-)

    I have tried my best to live a healthier life and have been educated on the importance of diet. I never had total cholesterol over 200, but my ratios of hdl/ ldl were off. Slo-Niacin fixed that and statins even at 10 mg caused such severe muscle cramping and weakness, I quit them. Being in the hospitality business,I do know that many senior open heart patients do not make an effort to change their diet and only get any exercise at the rehab center and do not even go for walks. So I applaud your efforts at achieving good health and IMO there needs to be a better effort at educating the public about the importance of diet and exercise. Most people are just completely clueless. Whole foods and a walk around the block, at the very least. It is the kids who worry me the most. Kids are so fat nowadays and parents don't seem to give a shit. Soda and fries and chicken nuggets are the main diet choices and innocent children are being set up for a lifetime of health issues. Sorry for venting.

    •  Hardest part has been the diet (9+ / 0-)

      Heart healthy subs from Subway has helped a bit with that.
      For the excercise part I went and spent 500ish on a hybrid bike offroad/road as my hometown area has a lot of paved bike trails with some offroad trails connecting them.
      1st trip out I accidently went 5-7 miles as I got lost :/

      •  Just remember to ditch the mayo (3+ / 0-)

        Go for plain, mustard or lite italian on the side
        I live right across the river from a rail trail and c&o towpath, but I never use them as there are loonies shooting illegally there sometimes.....not good for a lone female...such a shame.
        Fortunately, it is a hike to walk through the neighborhood and I have trails through the woods but nature distracts me! Best wishes to you. PS. I have a late 50s friend who bikes 30 miles a day 5 days a week spring thru fall.

    •  I am so glad you mentioned diet. (3+ / 0-)
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      NancyK, 4Freedom, Debby

      Diet is the main culprit in heart attack and stoke. My father had 2 bypass operations,  two stents, and two stokes. Heart disease runs in the family. All those years  he saw the doctors and they supposedly put him on a heart healthy diet. As you can see from his history, they missed the mark.

      To avoid his fate. I have taken it upon myself to read thousands of hours of medical journals, magazines, research on just why we in this country continue to have so hard a time with heart health. Although you can never  cram all that reading into a few sound bites, a few major things stand out like NEON.

      Eat VEGETABLES. As many as you can as often as you can. They contain all the magic bullets to right the ship. In fact, the main item on your dinner plate should be centered around a vegetable. Radical I know, but true.

      Ingest Omeg-3 oils. Fish oil, flax oil, nuts, any and all sources should be on your menu. Take a supplement with Omega-3 (high quality please, not cheap drug store fish oil.).

      They did a study of the plaque in the arteries of people w/heart disease. Guess what, 60% was made up of Omega-6 fats. That includes most of the oils Americans use in cooking and their chips are fried in. This includes the vegetable oils they TELL you to use to use like corn oil and most of the vegetable oils. Stick with olive oil it is very heart healthy.

      Stay away from bad oils like the plague, most especially hydrogenated oils. They are so bad for you I can hardly believe they are not banned as a public health threat. The ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 should be about 4:1. We eat so many more omega-6's here but we should be eating  4x's as many Omega-3's. Hell, in the US a ratio of 1:1 would be considered good. In the US we eat about 20x's more Omage 6's as Omega-3's in an unhealthy American diet.

      B-Vitamins. Make sure you are getting your B complex vitamins everyday.

      Good luck. We are all praying for you.

      Truth is harmonious, lies are discordant.

      by Babsnc on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 08:37:58 AM PST

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