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View Diary: Can't gun owners find non-crazy representation? Not everyone's a paramilitary nut, right? (87 comments)

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  •  I would suggest that any other org. other than NRA (1+ / 0-)
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    would only be infiltrated by the "crazies."  Ya think?

    I hate guns, period, so I can't add a thing that would be positive for the gun owners on this site, but I'll say this:  This Congressman galls me to the point of tears.  He certainly doesn't represent me, yet he and others like him attend the floor of the Congress, pretending to represent ME and the others like me who want this horse chit to stop.  

    Your point that they actually represent the gun industry is well understood by most here.  But I do not believe, as suggested by many in this thread, that other organizations would not be infiltrated by the crazies, even as they would be set up for gun owners who aren't "paramilitary nuts" to gather so they can proudly waive their guns in the air.  

    I know someone close to me who has a vault FULL of guns of all types, and recently purchased 1 more semi-automatic and 1 more military style assault weapon, with all the clips, etc. His wife now packs a concealed hand gun in her purse. WHY? They are both "good people" but when you talk to them about the future of this country, even after having voted for Obama, they both spew out the same CRAZY chit that this Congressman spews out in this video.  You see, they NEED their guns to fight the crazies in the future who... NEED their guns. What's the difference?  Well...Maybe the difference is their vault that protects anyone else from getting those guns.  Of course, these were the same people who were made out to be fools when they were frantic about Y2K and are now left with 3 generators and a garage FULL of old food and everything else they thought they would need to survive Y2K, so maybe that gun vault full of guns they need for the future, will just be another left-over huge symbol of their own idiocy.  Oh, and while they try to convince me that the future of gun fighting "the crazies" is real, they are also trying to convince me that they are just "gun collectors, nothing more."

    BTW.. these "good people" confessed to me they only purchased the huge vault after their nephew, 9 years of age, almost shot himself and the bullet went through his bedroom to their bedroom and hit their bed pillow where their sleeping heads were --- ear-ly in the morning. Close call. Could have been too late for someone to finally get that vault?

    How about instead of collecting more guns, we collect our sanity for our children, and together provide safe harbor at schools or anywhere else by passing these proposals offered by our President and Vice-President, and continue to work harder on changing the hearts and minds of even the "good people" who have this obsession with guns? Sadly, I actually believe that legislation is more possible to pass rather than the latter suggestion that we can ever change hearts and minds of gun people who will NEVER give up their guns.

    I am incapable of understanding gun obsession.

    I would rather spend my life searching for truth than live a single day within the comfort of a lie. ~ John Victor Ramses

    by KayCeSF on Sat Jan 19, 2013 at 11:19:13 AM PST

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