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View Diary: Can't gun owners find non-crazy representation? Not everyone's a paramilitary nut, right? (87 comments)

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    This is an incredibly frustrating time to be a Liberal gun owner, believe me.

    I own several guns, and I really enjoy going shooting. But I also absolutely support stronger legislation for gun control. Ten round magazine limit? Bring it on, I'm fine with that, I really don't need more than ten rounds anyway. Licensing? Sure! It should be at least as hard to buy a gun as it is to get a driver license. Safety requirements? Absolutely, common sense. When Obama announced his 23 executive orders, I read through all of them carefully, and every one seemed like a good idea to me.

    At the same time, every single time a right-wing gun nut opens his mouth, I just want to bury my face in my palms and hide. These guys, the paranoid lunatics who are ABSOLUTELY SURE jack-booted thugs are coming for their guns, they're nuts. We know that. They do not speak for me, as a gun owner, as a self-admitted "gun enthusiast". They're not people I would want to hang out with. They're people I would avoid at the gun range.

    All that said, right now I'm also feeling very defensive because the right-wing gun-nuttery has caused some reactionary responses from the left. I don't want to be lumped in with those guys, I'm not like them. I just want to take my guns out to the range every few months and enjoy an afternoon of target practice without my friends assuming that I want to overthrow the government. Honest, I'm just this normal, boring guy!

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