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View Diary: The Strange Failed El Niño & the Deepening Drought Disaster (134 comments)

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  •  I bought a lb. bag (20+ / 0-)

    of wheat this year that was grown and milled in OR. at a local farmers market. The Willamette Valley used to be the bread basket here in OR. Now a lot of the land there is used by companies like Scott (Monsanto) to grow turf and grass seed. Seems to me that Big Ag style mono concentrated crops aren't going to fare well in this time of climate change. Perhaps fertile land regionally should not be used to grow grass for suburbia and golf courses. Bio regions that foster crop diversity, sustainable agriculture and are not centralized would be a smart move about now.

    OPOL had a great diary yesterday about working with changes and the permaculture movement. Seems we are like lemmings just going over the edge instead of facing the fact we at the least need to implement changes that are necessary to survive. Even if it's too late to reverse that damage done what kind of a society grows freaking lawn seeds instead of food for their regions? Seems really delusional to think that our lifestyles and free market economy are worth wrecking the world to keep the profits flowing. Unhinged.

    •  Eastern slope of the Cascades (1+ / 0-)
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      Has been a soft white wheat growing region for a hundred years.  The Palous of Eastern Washigton is a major wheat producing region, also.  Much of the East Cascadian wheat is exported to Asia where it is used to make noodles.

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