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    Susan from 29

    After first discovering years Anne Perry's books years ago, I learned about her past.  Selfishly, my first reaction was, I hope she doesn't stop writing because I would desperately miss the characters.  The discovery of her past also made me reconsider the things that I have done of that can still make me cringe with shame.  I have students in my classes who have done some really terrible things (no murderers that I know of, yet), but I don't pass judgment on them.

    If we explore the personal lives of many famous creative people, we'd probably be repulsed by the likes of Charles Dickens, Poe and Scott Fitzgerald.  Their works would be denounced because of their monstrous egos and addictions.  I admit to having a difficult time separating Woody Allen's work from his personal life. I guess it's called being a human.

    I still love the books.  The Pitt family, Monk and Hester have all become like dear friends.   A few months ago, I heard on a mystery readers' blog that a TV series featuring Thomas Pitt is in the works.  I emailed Anne to ask about it, and extended an invitation (or plea, really) to visit my city of residence.  I included my phone number as a kind of joke.  Damned if she didn't email me and call that afternoon.  We chatted for 20 minutes.

    •  How cool! I love hearing stories about author's (0+ / 0-)

      who interact with their readers. So, will there be a TV series? And did she visit your city?

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      by Susan Grigsby on Tue Jan 22, 2013 at 07:17:51 PM PST

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