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    I remember when there was a big scare on the right about fluoride in drinking water. I also remember the John Birch Society.
    But these were fringe elements that were marginalized. Now they're taken over the Republican Party. I think that control of the Republican Party helps to legitimize and propagate the craziness.
    I wouldn't expect it to fade any time soon either - not with the gerrymandering keeping Republicans in power in the house.
    In fact I expect it to get worse.
    If I'm not in a work situation I treat these goofball viewpoints with contempt and derision. Often with outright laughter. Like I would if someone tried to argue the Earth was flat.
    For instance, I call them traitors. To their face. That usually sets them back a bit. I've found that's a good starting position for me. These people are traitors and I want them out of my country. And I always make sure to call it MY country - a place where they are not welcome.
    As far as gun control is concerned I usually tell them I will be smiling when I pry their guns from their cold, dead fingers.
    That's another one that shuts them up pretty quick. That's language they can understand.
    I want to stir them up and raise the stakes. I want to send them into a frenzy.
    My thought is that the more they freak out the more it will wake up the casual sympathizers. For instance maybe responsible gun owners will see the craziness and realize that we do indeed need more gun control.
    I would call it the Todd Aiken effect.
    As a bonus it really feels good!
    I certainly don't treat the crazy folks with respect - they don't deserve it.

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