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    fictitious entertainment like say 24 or the endless movies that are paranoid about any 'other' be they vampires, aliens or terrorists that are coming to get yer family. I know this is not PC, as violence porn is okay cause other country's have it and they don't go all homicidal. Going to rent a video is an exercise in pick your carnage, gore and fear. We're inundated with both violence and fear. TV,  movies, games you name it pumps out fear, violence and death. Symptom of our national addiction to fear and killing. Cheney talked about  how we needed to go the The Dark Side and it looks to me that that is where were at. A homicidal country hooked on power, killing, torture and violence. Ir's systemic from top to bottom we all seem to believe that the 'other' is out to get us and we're ready to bring on the 'shock and awe'. 'They' envy our freedom. lol.    

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